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There was just a lot of love and excitement and celebration. Beals: I have to say, I received the most beautiful letters I’ve ever received on any show. In the final-season premiere, we find out that Jenny will be dead by the end of the season.

Representation is so important, and we had never been represented. Extraordinary letters where people would say, “This show gave me the courage to come out, and it’s been a great experience, and my family is accepting me and I’ve been accepted at work.” Daniels: There were younger people that would have their parents watch so their parents could understand [them].

Along with world-class Vegas entertainment, Tony N’ Tina’s Wedding offers a full Italian Buffet dinner at every show.

It’s just like attending a wedding, but always fun and hilarious!

I like to think the legacy of the show is about representation and making us and our stories a part of the culture.” Beals even released a photo book of personal behind-the-scenes photos that fans can purchase at

EW reunited Chaiken with several cast members for an emotional, hilarious, exhilarating chat about karaoke parties, sex tapes, and the potential for a reboot. Jennifer Beals (Bette): I wanted to be part of a show that could help bring representation to a young girl in the middle of Kansas who didn’t have a community, and I said to Ilene, “We’re going to help as many people as we can; it’s going to be amazing.” She was like, “Let’s just try to get it on the air—calm down. Let’s just tell some good stories.” Leisha Hailey (Alice): Well, I needed a job. Hailey: Our country is so polarized right now and the political landscape is such a mess.

The series became a hit quickly and has become an incredibly important show to the LGBTQ community. Chaiken: It was so much fun and so thrilling when the show was on the air. I think we told it with great sensitivity and verisimilitude, but the audience never forgave me for it.

To go to pretty much any city in the country and every Sunday night there was an party in some bar. ” The burden of representation for every single lesbian experience got projected onto us. Chaiken: I’ve often said in retrospect that it’s the one thing that I regret. It’s just the one thing that I maybe would change if I could go back and change anything.

But it’s another thing to be recognized for being on television for portraying something that means so much to so many people. I mean, we see a huge revolution of what’s going on with queer rights and gay marriage, and all that stuff has happened since [ One of the most wrenching story lines was in season 3 when Erin’s character, Dana, developed breast cancer and died. Daniels: We would all meet with Ilene before each season started and she would take us to lunch.

Dance, drink, eat, and chat the night away with friends, family, and the cast.

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I found a way to get an audition and ended up testing for Shane, and that’s how I met Kate. Moennig: And wouldn’t it be interesting to see where we all wound up? We need shows that are about community and acceptance.

Katherine Moennig (Shane): I read for it in New York and they said, “One other girl is testing for Shane, and they’re also gonna be testing Jennys on the same day.” So I walked into the lobby of Showtime. Hailey: I came home from a run and I was like, “Hey—oh.” Then I turned back around. Daniels: We all went to sing karaoke together once. Beals: Oh, I had to do “What a Feeling.” They poured water on me with a Perrier bottle. When we went off the air in 2009, I think a lot of people thought, Okay, the baton is passed now, and there will be lots of shows that portray lesbian life.

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With a cast of creative and highly improvisational actors throughout the wedding party and within the audience, anything can happen at this hysterical Italian wedding that pushes the envelope.

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